1923 Harry of Ciro's ABC of mixing cocktails (second impression)

30. Brandy Crustas. Take a small wineglass, moisten the rim with lernon, dip rim of glass into castor sugar, which action gives the glass a frosted appearance. Cut the rind of a half a lemon the same as you would peel an apple, then fit into your prepared glass. Then pour into your shaker i tcaspoonful Sugar or Gomme Syrup, 3 dashes of Maraschino, 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, Juice of a J Lemon, i glass Brandy. Shake well, pour into your glass, and add fruit. 31. Brandy Fix. Pour into a small tumbler i teaspoonful of Sugar, I teaspoonful of Water to dissolve the sugar. Juice of a half Lemon, liqueur of Cherry Brandy, I liqueur of Brandy. Fill the glass with fine ice and stir slowly, then add a slice of Lemon, and serve with a straw. 32. Brandy Julip. Same as Mint Julip. 33. Bull-Dog. Put 2 or 3 lumps of Ice in a large tumbler, add the Juice of i Orange, i glass of Gin. Fill balance with Ginger Ale. Stir, and serve with a straw. 34. Brandy Highball is Brandy and Soda, i piece of Lemon Peel squeezed in glass, with a chunk of Ice. 35. Bromo Seltzer. In a large tumbler. Put one tablespoonful of Bromq Seltzer (which canbeprocured at allchemists) fill with Soda, then pour into another tumbler. Repeat this twice until powder is dissolved, and drink while fizzing. (A good pick-me-up for that next morning feeling).

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