1923 Harry of Ciro's ABC of mixing cocktails (second impression)

271. Wax Cocktail. I white of Fresh Egg, i teaspoonful of Gomme Syrup, i Absinthe, J Gin. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. {Recipe from Sherry's, New York.) 272. Waldorf Cocktail. I chunk of Pineapple, i teaspoonful Orange Juice, J French Vermouth, J Italian Vermouth. Shake well, and strain into cocktail glass. 273. West Indian Cocktail. I teaspoonful of Sugar in medium-sized tumbler, 4 dashes Angostura, i teaspoonful of Lemon Juice, 274. White Lady Cocktail. • J Brandy, J Crfeme de Menthe, J Cointreau. Shake well and strain. 275. Warday's Cocktail. I teaspoonful of Yellow Chartreuse, J Italian Vermouth, J Gin, i Calvados or Apple Jack. Shake well, and strain. 276. Wedding Ball Cocktail. i Orange Juice, i Cherry Brandy, J Gin, •}• Dubonnet. Shake well, and strain into cocktail glass. 277. Washington Cocktail. 2 dashes of Angostura, 2 dashes Gomme Syrup, f French Vermouth, i Brandy. 77 I glass of Gin, i lump of Ice. Stir, and serve in same glass.

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