1925 Drinks Long & Short by Nina Toye and A H Adair

Drinks—Long and Short


The cocktail should be well shaken, stood a minute to frost and shaken again, after which it should be poured out at once. If any guest comes late to the feast his portion should be poured out with the rest. If left in the shaker the remaining ice will melt and dilute the cocktail ofthat dilatory one until it is a libel on the name. If desired, the shaker can be emptied, the extra glass or glasses poured back into it and the receptacle set in a cool place, preferably the ice chest, until required, when it should again be shaken. Some cocktails may be made up in large quantities and kept bottled ready to be iced and shaken,but do not attempt this with any cocktail of which fresh or bottled fruit juice, jelly or anything of a syrupy nature is an ingredient. When vintage wines are to be served with dinner, it is a good plan to serve with the cocktail tiny sandwiches or some otherdight hors dceuvre, in order that the palate may not be spoiled for the delicately flavoured wines to follow. Very small and thin pate de foie gras sandwiches or caviar sandwiches with the merest squeeze of lemon on each are suitable, also olives, salted nuts, biscuits plain or cheese, cheese straws, or small rolled slices of brown bread-and-butter, with or without a tiny strip of pimento in the middle. No hostess should forget that a choice wine has always the right of way; nothing must

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