1930 Noble Experiments by Judge Jr

FOR ~I;IE FOLLOWING THREE REC– IPES TH~ 4UTHOR ACKNOWLEDGES HIS INDEBTEDNESS TO THE DEPART– MENT OF NON-ALCOHOLIC FRUIT PRODUCTS OF THE NATIONAL WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION. The Mabel Fruit Punch A CONCOCTION of Mrs. Mabel Walker Willebrandt which can be made surprising,ly palatable by add– ing I pint of Ne'w Jersey pure con– centrated Applejack and half a cup– ful of Jamaica Rum. To one small-sized bottle of Red Concord California pure con- - centrated Grape juice add 2 bot– tles of light-colored Ginger Ale and 1 lemon sliced thin, and half a cupful of chopped mint leaves. Serve very cold, [ 4-8]


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