1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



of sugar, boil ten minutes and bottle while hot. One or two tablespoonsful of this syrup added to a glass of ice-water makes a r efreshing summer drink. It is said that raspberries are the best thirst quenchers of all fruits. Mrs. John Hammill (Wife of the Governor of Iowa)


6 3

large oranges

large lemons 1/2 can grated pineapple 10

heaping tablespoons of sugar

11h pints water 1

cup strong black tea

1 quart Apollinaris Water Boil sugar and water twenty minutes. Mix with juices of fruit and strain, add pineapple and tea. Keep in ice-box until serving time, then add Apollinaris Water. Mrs. G. Aaron Youngquist (Wife of the Assistant Attorney General)

MERIDIAN MANSIONS PUNCH 6-ounce bottle of rose lime juice 16-ounce bottle of orange juice

2 bottles of ginger ale Juice of 24 lemons Sugar as desired Chill by adding lemon water-ice made in freezer. Mrs. Seymour Lowman (Wife of the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury) (From "The Ladies Home Journal" )

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