1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



Add tea a nd chill. Just before serving, a dd g inger ale and ·white Rock which have been placed in ice box to chill. Mrs. John F. Sippel President, Gener al F ederation of Women 's Clubs


To serve eight people t ake three glasses of jelly and dis– solve through a strainer ·w-ith an equal amount of water. Add orange and lemon juice to suit taste and when r eady to serve add one to two bottles of ginger ale. The ginger ale gives sparkle to the drink and an unusual flavor. Any jelly may be used, but the soft jelly of the grape is preferable. Sally Lou Ellsworth National Secretary, Delta Delta Delta Sorority


Prepare coffee with cream and sugar according to taste. Put whipped cream in bottom of each glass. Over this pour the coffee mixture until glass is half full . Then add chilled ginger ale. Serve with chipped ice. Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Washington, D . C.

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