1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


PREFACE Bread, we are told, is the staff of life. May I add that fruit is the whetstone of our appetites, and the juices thereof an elixir of health not sur– passed in value by any of the other foodstuffs provided by Nature. In preparing the tempting suggestions con– tained in Prohibition Punches, it seems to me the author has done a very fine thing. It is not just a matter of giving you some delightful appetizers or delicious refreshment-inspirations for your tea party (although this has been done quite compre– hensively)-it is more than that, the significance of this book. It offers something healthful both for the appetite and for the mind. Food for thought-for a little "mental refurnishing," if I may borrow Ramsay MacDonald's graphic phrase-is offered within these pages that it is 5

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