1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran


Pru!til1itio11 I'1111cli cs o ff er s pal atab le s11ggcs– tion s fo r dri11ki11g hea lth at va ri ous times of t h e (lc1y. l\ladc uf 1111 t ura l fruit a nd Ycgciabl c j11icc::; ri c ld~· <' lldO\\·cd with ,·it ami11 s and minernls which ar e ess ent ial for hea lth and \Y e1l-bei11 g, appet izing nnd fragra nt io t empt us, \\·e may cons ume these punches abund antly , free from a ny t hought of ha rmful effect but r ea lizing that with th em we are drinking health in tbe choicest forms in which nature present s it to u s . Tho charm of those drinks lies in tli c fl avo r and arnma of tbe freshly extracted juices . Most of th ese lose their ddicacy of Aavor on standing . \Ve arlvise using all such juices as soon as possible after preparation and they sliould always be kept cold until u sed. 'While chill ed juices are preferred by some, others like to hea r the tinkl e of the ice. Not too sweet, they quench the thirst and stimu– late the. appetite without ar1ding to_o many of the calories dreaded by some . Or with the sandwich accomp animent they may be made a r ea l meal, according to your ta st e. We offer you the se fruit juices dresse

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