1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran




One-third \\ยท hi te grape j ui ce and two-thirds White Rock. The mi xture may be ha lf and ha lf if preferred, but too much gra p e j ui ce diminishes th e sparkl e of the effer vescent water.

This r ecipe has a ll th e good qu a li ties of champagne and none of its bad ones.

Mrs. Imogen Oakley

Philadelphia, Pa.


3 quarts water 3 cups sugar

Boil eight minutes. .Add

1 cup strong black tea

J nice of 1 dozen oranges 1 dozen lemons Can pineapple 1 cup ginger ale 1 pint Concord grape Jmce, or raspberry or strawben y j uice

Mrs. Louis C. Cramton (Wife of Representative Cramton, Mich.) From the Congr essional Club Cook Book and Th e Ladies Home Journal.

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