1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



dolls; boy dolls, girl dolls, baby dolls, some saucy, some demure. But the g r eatest thrill of all comes to the little v isitor making her first call, when her eyes alight upon a bright new stove all white and blue enamel-tha t r eally and truly cooks. It's an electric stove and, in a white enameled cupboard to match-miniature in s ize as is the stove-are kept enoug h utensils to prepare a dinner for the Great Big Bear himself if he should step out of the Fairy T a.le and call upon t he children. It' s a delightful playroom, and around the long oblong table, low enough for the tiny tots as well as the bigger youngs t er s, many a tea party has been staged when perhaps the "tea" was con– cocted from the mixed juices of fresh fruits.


20 sprigs of fresh mint 1 cup of orange juice 2 lemons sli ced thin 5 pints of weak tea Juice of 3 gr apefruit 4 bottles of ginger ale Sugar to taste

Crush mint and pour tea over it. Add fruit juices and lemons sliced thin. Sugar to taste. Chill and add ginger ale just before serving . Put a sprig of mint in each glass.

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