1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong

6 cans of grapefruit juice 1 case of Ginger Ale 1 case of White Rock

It's cheaper by the case and can be pushed under the davenport or bed if you have little storage space.

1 bottle Angostura Bitters

It lasts for years if kept in a hair-tonic bottle, and your drinks will be better. A dash means a dash.

1 bottle Maraschino

Keep the liquor from the cherry bottle.

1 bottle Grenadine

Domestic has a decent flavor and can be had at any grocery store.

6 bottles of stuffed olives 6 cans of boned and skinned sardines 6 jars pate de foies gras Keep this for eleganr guests. 1 jar Cross and Blackwell Anchovy paste It is very potent and keeps forever. 1 bottle Major Grey's Chutney 6 small jars peanut butter 6 cans of dry shrimp 1 pint jar of mayonnaise

This should be home-made,imless you can eat the store stuff.


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