1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


Two parts gin One parr Italian Vermouth and one part Chartreuse Shake with plenty of ice until the ice is com pletely melted. Caviar and Onion Canape Mix one part pearl onions with two parts pink caviar, add a dash of lemon juice and serve on rounds or diamonds of white toast. Potato Chips Filled with Chutney Crisp a box of potato chips in the oven for a few minutes. Fill each one with chutney and serve at once. The chips go limp if allowed to stand. Milwaukee Sandwich Trim the crusts from a loaf of white bread. Slice very thin and spread each slice with creamed butter. Put a thin slice of chicken on a piece of bread, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, cover with another buttered slice of bread. Toast on both sides, cutin triangles and serve hot. With this serve: or or


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