1930 Swallows by Hon WM T Boothby

Party Beverages

PUNCHES, SHERBETS, SHRUBS, ETC. Serve punches or cups in glass punch cups or in short highball glasses. Sherbets are served in sherbet glasses. All may be decorated with small portions of fruit (fresh, canned or candied), or Maraschino cherries, as desired. A few sprigs of fresh mint may be used to advantage. When serving punches, the body of which is composed of wine or wine and seltzer, the addition of brandy (2 jiggers) and rum (1 jigger) to each quart of pxmch will prove pleasant. A gallon of punch will serve about twenty persons. See, also. Individual Punches, which may be enlarged, at will, to serve required number of guests.

AMBROSIAL NECTAR (Sherbet for Ten)


2 quarts Orange

12 sliced

Pineapple ....2 cans sliced Cocoanut 1 grated Use porcelain or glass mould. Build up alternate layers of fruit, sprinkling cococinut between each. Pour over burgundy and place in refrigerator to freeze. Turn out and serve in sherbet glasses.


Apple Cider

2 quarts Brandy juice of 4 Sugar see recipe Apples

4 jiggers 1 teacupful


Cucumber 2 diced Place ingredients in punch bowl, to which add 1 teaspoonful cucumber juice and few pieces of cucumber rind. Add large lump of ice, stir well and it is ready to serve.



1 quart Eum 2 jiggers Lemon

54 pint 6 sliced


Sugar 1 quart Place sliced lemons with liquor in punch bowl and let steep for an hour or more. Dissolve sugar in hot water and add. Add large lump of ice, stir until cool, add champagne, decorate and it is ready to serve. 1 pound Hot Water

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