1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



F rankie w en t dow n to t lze corner, Ju st for a bucket of beer, S he said , " Olz, H r. B art ender, H as 111.1 lovi11' Joh11nie been here'! He is m y man, A nd he w ouldn' t do me w rong." " I d on' t want to cause you 110 trouble, I don' t want to t ell you 110 lie, B ut I saw yo ur lov er half an hour ago, 'f!Vit lz a girl na111 ed Sally Bly. He is your man, Bu t he' s doing .!'OU wrong ."

Frankie wen t dow n to t he pawn-shop, Sh e bought herselj a little fort y-fo ur, Sh e aimed it at th e ceil ing, Ll11d shot a big hole in the flo or, " f.17 here is 111.11 man '! [-{e's doing me w rong."

(I F rankie w ent dow n to the Hotel, She rang that Ho tel bell, "Sta11d back, all of you chippies, Or I'll blow you all t o hell. I want my 111a11, H e's do iti' me w rong."

Fran!.:ie loo ked over the tra11som, A 11d there to her great surprise, Ye.r, th ere in the room sat Jol11111 ie, Alfakin' lo ve to Sally Bly, H e w as her man, etc.

Frankie threw back her k imono, She took out the little for ty-f our, Roota-toot-toot, three times she shot, Right through the hardw ood door, She shot her 111011 , Because he done her wrong.

Roll me ov er easy, Roll me w ry slow, R oll me 011er easy, bo.11s, ' Cau se my w ounds tlie.1• hurt me so. But I was rour man , Ll11 d I done .11011 w ro11g."

"Bring out your rubber-tired carriage, Bring out your rubber-tired hack, I'm go ing to take my 111011 to the cemetery, And I ain't a-goin' to bring him ~11cl, F or he was my man, And he do11e me w rong."

Oh, bring ' round a thousand poliamm, Bring 'em arotmd to-day, 1' {) lo ck me in that dungeon, And throw the key away, I shot mJ1 man, ' Cause he done me wrong.

Yes, put me in that dungeon, Oh, put me in t hat cell, P ut me where t he northeast wind Blows from dow n southeast <>f hell. I shot my man, etc.

I've sav ed up a little bit of mone.1•, I'll sav e up a little bit more, I'll send it all to his widow, Ll nd say it's fro m t'lie w oma11 next door. He was my m a ll, etc. '::r" I I I I

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