1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book


Frankie went to Mrs. Halcomb , She fell down on her k nees, She said, "Mrs. Halcomb, forgive me, Forgiv e m e, if you please, For I've killed my man, But he done me wrong ."

"Forgive you, Frankie darling, Forgive you I never can , Forgive you, Frankie darling, For killing your only man'J For he was your man, Though he done you w rong."

Frankie went to his coffin, She looked down on his face, She said "O Lord, have mercy on me, I wish I could take his place. He was my man, etc.

Frankie she heard a rumbling, Away down in the ground , Perhaps it was little Johnnie, Where she had shot him down, He was her man, etc.

Johnnie he was a gambler, He gambled for the gain, The very last words he ever said Were "High, low, jack, and the game." He was her man, etc.

Frankie she said to the warden, "What a;e they goin' to dof" The warden he said to Frankie, "It's the electric chair for yot1. You shot your man, Though he done you wrong."

The sheriff came 'round in the morning, And said it wns all for the best, He said her lover Johnnie Was nothin' but an awful pest. He was her man, etc.•

The judge said fo the jury, "It's as plain as plain can be. This woman shot her lover. It's murder in the second "degree. He was her man, etc.

Now it was not murder in the second degree, And was nr;t murder in the third, This woman simply dropped her man Like a hunter drops a bird. He was her man, etc.

This story has no moral, This story has no end, This story only goes to show That there ain't no good in m en, H e was her man, dnd he done her wrong.




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