1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



* Put into long, thin Ins ne lump of cut· loaf sugar, saturated with Boker's Bitter Add one lump of ice A fa ir sized piece of lemon peel Fi ll the glass three-fo urths full of cold Cfrnmpagne · Stir ~,.ith spoon nod servo * Into a loot, thin glass, put t"10 lumps of sugar Wet one of the lumps "1ith Peyschaud Bitters Add three lumps of ico and the rind of a lemon Catch one end of the lemon rind on the edge of the glus Fill the glass nearly full with Champagne Stir with a bar-spoon and servo * Placo in mixin& glaas Ono part Gia Ooo part Lomon Juico Ono part Sherry Shake well with Fine loo

In the good old da s wh n a m n want d t th row a par ty that was a p arty th is was the re ip that brough t h im th pre tige and ucce he de– served . Today in ove r 40 ,000 N w Yo rk p ak– eas ies, th is is the ocktail the n ight club host es hook t he bi g bu tt r -and- gg m n f r. A nd d y u blame them ?

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They travel all the way to Paris just to sip this one out under the colored awnings of the Cafe de la Paix. And it's worth it. The effervescing, amber liquid, the dash of bitters, the frosted glass– pardon us, we're thirsty.


This used to be the athlete's delight. Made him forget all his aches and pains-and, it is said, was particularly effective on Charlie Horses.

"Hoss and Hoss.,

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