1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



The Little Brown Jug

' Tis }'OU that makes my frie11ds my foes, ' Tis you w ho makes me wear old clothes, B ut seeing you are so 11ear my 11ose, T ip her up and down she goes. [Chorus] lf/ hen I go t oiling 011 my farm, Take little brown jug under my arm, Set it under some shady tree, L ittle brown jug, don't I love theef [Chor us ] Then comes t'he la11dlord tripping in, Round top hat and a peaked chin, ! 1l his hand he carries a cup, Says/, " Old fe llow, give us a sup." [Chorus]

My w ife and I lh ·e G/l alone, I n a little brow n hut we call our own, Slie lo ves gin an d I lo ve r um, T ell you w hat it is, don' t we hav e f un? Ha, ha, ha, 'tis you and me, L it tle brow n j ug, do11' t I love th ee'! Ha, ha, ha, ' tis you and me, L ittle brow n j ug, do n't I lo v e t hed

If I had a cow that ga1•e rnch m ilk, I'd dress her in the fin est silk, P eed her Oil the cho icest hay, A 11d m ilk her t w enty times a day . [Chorus]

If all the f olks in A dam's race Jf? ere put t oget her in 01l e place, Th en I 'd prepare to drop a tear B efore I'd part with you, 111y dear. [Chorus.] ......



Fill a mixing.glass half.full of fine ice Add one teaspoonful of powdered white sugar One fresh egg One pony of Port Wine One pony of Brandy Shake thoroughly and strain into • large cocktail glass Grate a little nutmeg on top before eerviJig * Two parts Gin One part Grapefruit J uice Dash of Maraschino lee, shake and 1erve in cocktail alass * Into a tumbler place one tablespoonful of Pow.dered Sugar and a dash of Lemon Juice. F ill the t umbler ~·ith Finely Cracked Ice and let a very generous portion of Whiskey, Gin or Brandy filter to the bottom. Stir briskly without touching the tumbler with your hand. Garnish with sliced Lemon or Orange and sip through a straw. '

The trick about this inebriating mixture is to try and find the COFFEE. Once we tried for a whole solid evening, and it wasn't until the next morn– ing that we came to, and discovered that was the idea all along. It was pure sales promotion. They named it COFFEE to make you see if you could find any. ....... This goes beautifully with maple furniture or antiques. It is said that George Washington him– self. had a partiality for a good old COLONIAL– or a good new one. Before taking, spill two drops on your kitchen floor. If it does not burn, drink quickly, and exhale the smoke. .. ..... On hot July or August days try this one. Then turn on the electric fan; drop into a big, comfort– able armchair, and settle back to day dream. If you can' t day dream, try another. Soon you'll ~ave so much to think about, you'll find your head m a complete whirl. A nyway, here's to the COOLER. The COOLER, the bette r.



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