1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



* Use tall liqueur glass Fill one-third full of Cura930 Add one-third Maraschino Add one-third Cogoao


Named after that charming children's tale "POUSSE in Boots." But why they serve this one in boots, we really haven't the faintest idea. We've never been able to get our 1 n emptied down to the ankle! . ·-· ~ And rightly named. Only a great man can handle this one with the proper grace and savoir faire. We served it to a Vice-President once, and the old boy just couldn't quite make it. Since then he has been trying hard to become a president, be– cause he says he'd like to try again.

Pour in carefully so each third will not mix with the other ingredients. * EQual parts Rum Bacardi and Italian Ver· mouth Dash of Cur1930 Ice and stir nry gcntlr




The Curse of An Aching H eart

.You made me w hat I am to-day, I ·hope you're satisfied, You, dra99ed and dra99ed me down until t he soul w it hin me died . Y ou ve shattered each and etiery dream, You foo led me f rom the start, A nd t hough you' re not true May G hd bl ' - •u ess yau That's th e cur-se af an aching heart. '

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