1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



* First crush four sprigs of mint and three lumps of sugar in a dash of water and then add two ponies of the best brandy. After laying this foundation, the super-structure is built. This consists of a pint of the finest Oiampagne. Over this is placed a floor made of cracked ice, which supports the chief feature of the julep. A circular fence is built about the top of the glass with llioes of pineapple, banana, lemon and orange, to which is added a few red roses. This Yivid inclosure is then filled up with vanilla ioe– cream, believe it or not! A few choice berrie1 of a bright color are set on top of the ice·cream and some perfect 1prig1 ol mint are made to tower above the miniature garden. * Use· Shaker One-half glass of Milk One Raw Egg Two teaspoonfuls of Powdered Sugar One pony of Brandy Ice, shake vigorously and strain into tum. bier. Serve with Grated Nutmeg on top * Proceed as in the manner of a Cold Bgg Nog, except that you are to use a large bar glass for mixing and Hot Milk instead of Ice * Use Tumbler Two ounces Jamaica Rum One teaspoonful Powdered Sugar One teaspoonful Mixed Spices One small lump of Butter Fill tumbler with very Hot Water and serve '11'&


We publish this one, with heads bowed and hats in hand. For anyone lucky enough to have ever sampled this perfection of all moist joys, will have lived l Ah, ze Champagne Julep l What art, what color, what costl Only a past-master of bartending could ever produce this delectable delight.

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This one walks hand in hand with a doctor's pre– scription. Good for mumps, scarlet-fever, whoop– ing-cough, the heebe-jeebes or what ails you. . By far the best medicine we've ever had the pleasure of taking. Doctor, oh doctor-r-rt · . ·-· ..


Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it i1l the shaker nine days old. ......


The drink that brought many a good ship round the Horn in the sailing days. Ask a sailor what he thinks of this and you'll hear enough yarns to last you a fortnight. To be served on board yachts or row-boats. Even people in bathing suits are permissible customers.


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