1931 Old Waldorf Bar Days by Albert Stevens Crockett

Old Waldorf Bar Days

STAR Dash ofOrange Bitters One-halfApple Whiskey One-halfltalian Vermuth Stir One-third Sherry One-third French Vermuth One-third Benedictine Frappe



Dash ofOrange Bitters Juice of twelve Strawberries, or one pony of Syrup Three-quarters Brandy One dash ofMaraschino Stir; strain; Strawberry in glass Dash ofOrange Bitters Dash ofAngostura Bitters On~-fif th Port Wine


One-fifth Jamaica Rum Three-fifths Whiskey Frappe


Dash ofOrange Bitters One-eighth Italian Vermuth One-eighth French Vermuth Three-fourths Tom Gin Stir

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