1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

ABSINTHE FRAPPE To 2/ 3 Absinthe, add 1/6 Anisette, 1/6 un– diluted, very wet water and a splash of sugar syrup or gum-(See p. 41)-and lots of ice. Shake with pep, wim, and wigor. ADIRONDACK HIGHBALL Put inside one large pitcher, bucket, pail, or what have you: 1 quart dry gingerale, % quart Gin, juice of 2 lemons, 2 tablespoonfuls maple syrup, 2 pinches table salt and enough powdered sugar to suit. Insert 1 wagon-load of ice-with– out the wagon-stir generously, pour and masti– cate thoroughly before swallowing. ADONIS CocKT.~IL Introduce 1 dash orange bitters to 1/ 3 Sherry, accompanied by 2/ 3 - Italian Vermouth. They will mix well with a little urging, and taste better with a little ice.


+ 2/3 Gin

1 swell

1/ 3 Yellow Chartreuse



Put 1/ 3 Creme de Cacao, 1/ 3 Brandy, and 1/ 3 fresh cream all in one rain-proof mixer, with about so much ice. Agitate thoroughly, and strain into glasses.

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