1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

CREAM Fizz When 1 drink of Gin meets the juice of 1 lemon and 1 teaspoonful sugar syrup you are supposed to add 1 teaspoonful of fresh cream. Shake well in ice, strain into wineglass, squirt a little seltzer on top, and schnozzle. CUBAN COCK.TAIL With 2/3 Bacardi, put 1/ 6 Grenadine, 1/6 juice lime, all mixed up together in ice makes a nice glass filler. DACQUERI COCKTAIL With 2/3 Bacardi, put 1/6 Grenadine, 1/6 juice of a fresh lime. Merge, chill, and drink. DESERT HEALER To the juice of 1 orange add 1 drink of Gin, and 1/2 drink of Cherry Brandy. Shake well, strain into large glass and fill balance with gin– gerale. For home consumption after, before, and during bridge, only.


2/ 3 Gin, 1/ 3 French Vermouth. Shake well in ice, strain, squeeze a piece of orange peel on top, and serve.

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