1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

14--.-......... ,,_ .____, .._

EGG FLIP 1 nice yolk of a nice egg, 2 dash es Curacao, 1 drink Brandy, 1 t easpoonful su gar syn1p. Shake well and strain into medium-sized wineglass and grate nutmeg on one side. EGG NoGG Fill the shaker half full with chopped ice and add 1 fresh egg, 1h t easpoonful of sugar, 1 small glass of Brandy, 1 smaller glass of Rum, the re– mainder fresh milk. Shake well, and strain into m edium-sized glass. Grate a little nutmeg on top and serve. D eacons like this. EGG NoGG (HoT) Same ingredients as above, but h eat milk very hot, omit ice. Bea t up egg and su gar toge ther, stir into milk with care and dispatch. Take out the disp atch and add the B. & R. Grate nutmeg on top after blending all. ELK's OwN CocKTAIL To the whit e of a very n ew egg add 1/ 3 Rye and 1/ 3 Port Wine and 1/ 3 juice of lemon, 1 t ea– spoonful sugar, or more. Shake conscientiously, strain into wineglass and add a small slice of preserved pineapple.

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