1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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STAR COCKTAIL Catch 'um I teaspoonful Grape Fruit Juice, I dash Italian Vermouth, I dash French Vermouth, % Apple Jack, % Gin and a flock of ice. Horse around in the shaker a while and insinuate into glasses. STINGER 50% White Creme de Menthe~ 50% Brandy, measure carefully and combine frigidly and fre– quently-after a few, n ever mind the combining, you won't know the difference.

STONE FENCE Put I small glass of Rye Whiskey in a large glass, add lottsa ice and fill glass ·with cider. Stir with strong cigar and strain thru the teeth.

SUGAR SYRUP-GUM-GOMM This is merely a sweetening agent in liquid form designed to become part of a drink with little persuasion. It is made as follows: 50% granulated sugar, 50% aqua pura. Stir over heat until sugar is completely, entirely and totally dissolved, but do not boil. Cool. before bottling and keep your fingers away from it until it is cool.

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