1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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THIRD DEGREE COCKTAIL Chase 2/3 Gin, 1/ 3 French Vermouth and 4 dash es of Absinthe (or Anisette) into the cooler. Beat up with ice and scramble among mugs. THREE MILE LIMIT COCKTAIL With 1 t easpoonful of Grenadine put 1 dash of l emon juice, 2/3 Brandy et 1/ 3 Bacardi Rum, all with ice. Agitate for 2 minutes-pour. THUNDER COCKTAIL Into 1 teaspoonful su gar syrup splash 1 yolk of one egg, plunk 1 shot of Brandy and 1 sprinkle of Cayenne P epper-that red stuff, y' kno. H eave around to the accompaniment of tin– kling ice and insert in the head. TOM AND J ERRY You'll p rob ably n eed more than a f ew eggs, so for an unde termined quantity, do this : Sep ara t e the whites from the yolks and beat up separa tely until th e form er is very s tiff and t h e latter , very thin. Join together and add one t ea– spoonful of sugar for each egg so operated upon. Work on the whole business until it's like a thin p an cak e batter. (If l eft standing it will attempt to separate-but a few pokes will bring 'em together again). To 2 tablespoonfuls of this m ess add 1 healthy shot of Brandy and one ditto of Rum all in a large glass. Fill the remaining

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