1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

of Anisette all in one place where ice could be added. It could b e well shaken and could be eaten on a sandwi ch or it could be drunk from a cellophane wrapper. WARDEN COCKTAIL Jail in the shaker 1 teaspoonful French Ver– mouth and 1 snort of Gin, imprison some ice in the same place, shake around, and parole in glasses. WASHINGTON COCKTAIL To 2 dash es of Angostura, add 2 dashes sugar syrup, 2/ 3 French Vermouth and 1/ 3 Brandy, chop up som e ice, mix, and serve with Mara– schino Cherry. WEDDING BELL COCKTAIL Place 1/ 6 orange juice and 1/ 6 Cherry Brandy with 1/ 3 Gin, and 1/ 3 Dubonnet in shaker with a little Labrador, swing East and West a few times and drink. WELCOME STRANGER COCKTAIL Consolidate 1/ 6 Grenadine, 1/ 6 lemon juice and 1/ 6 orange juice with 1/ 6 Gin, 1/ 6 Swedish Punch and 1/ 6 Brandy. Rub in ice and disp en se.

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