1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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WEMBLEY COCKTAIL To 1/ 3 Scotch Whiskey add 1/3 French Ver– mouth and 1/ 3 pineapple juice-also frozen ice. Push around with a spoon, then imbibe. WEST I NDL.\N COCKTAIL In a large glass put 1 t easpoonful of sugar syrup, 4 dashes Angostura, 1 teaspoonful of fresh lime or lemon juice, 1 small glass of Gin, 6 oz. ice. Stir with t el ephone hook and eat the pages. WHISKEY COCKTAIL 1 teaspoonful of sugar syrup, 3 dashes of Angos– tura, 1 whiskey glass of Scotch or Rye Whiskey. Forget the ice, this is a hot one.


Ditto Brandy Crustas.


Look at Brandy Daisy.


Read Brandy Flip.

WHISKEY JULEP Almost the same as Mint Julep, substitute whisk ey.

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