1932 The art of Mixing by James A Wiley

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CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL Into a thin wineglass put I lump of sugar satu– rated with Angostura bitters, add I hunk of ice, fill the glass with Champagne, squeeze a piece of lemon peel on top, mix and serve-no more than twice the same evening. CHAMPAGNE Cup Put about sixty ice cubes in a gallon jug and add I small glass of Brandy, I ditto of Mara· schino cherry syrup, I same of Curacao, I quart bottle of Champagne, I quart bottle of soda water. Wrestle the jug around the cellar twice and put in ice box to keep chilled. Decorate glasses with fruits in season and two sprigs of fresh mint. Serve very soon after mixing. CHAMPAGNE JULEP Into a large wineglass, put I lump of sugar and I sprig of fresh mint, 1 cube of ice, and fill with Champagne very slowly, at the same time stir– ring gently, but firmly. Ornament the top with fruits in season. Imbibe. CHAMPAGNE PICK-ME-UP 50% of Brandy, 50% of French Vermouth, add I teaspoonful of syrup . Consolidate thoroughly in a chilling manner, strain, half fill a wineglass, and add Champagne.

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