1934 The Masterly Touch

Sandcman Wines - Port, She r ry a n d Madeira ... b o cked by the name o f this fine o ld Engl ish house fa mous since 1790. Sondemon inspect every step in bri nging them fro m the g ro p e to you. They a re aged wines o f excep· tio no lly fine quo lily. Yo u canno t find finer w ines ii y o u searc h the worl d .

Canada Dry's Sparkling Water- Livelier be· cause ii hos "pin-point" carbonation. And keeps its sparkle. Comes in big bottles that make 5 to 8 toll drinks. Also in 12-oz. bottles. A "dry" mixer.

Johnnie Walker Scotch - There·s no finer Scotch than Johnnie Walker. The red-labelled bottle is the most popular in the world. The b lock-lo· be ll ed is guara nteed l o be 12 years o ld. Born 1820 a nd still going strong. The smooth, peaty Oovor will tell you why.


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