1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Non-alcoholic Drinks

It is felt the following recipes will be helpful in extending the choice ofnon-alcoholic or"soft"drinks.

The arrangement of the ingredients in some, and the addition as a flavouring of Angostura Bitters in all, account in great measure for the added life,"bite"and zest. Most of these drinks should be taken through straws, particularly in those cases where ice is present in the liquid.


BULL'S EYE Into a tumbler put the rind only of I Lemon, bruising slightly with mixing spoon,and add: I teaspoonful Syrup. I teaspoonful Angostura Bitters. 3 or 4 pieces of Ice. Stir and fill up, half wth Cider and half with Dry Ginger Ale. Serve. One lump cut loaf Sugar saturated with Angostura Bitters. One lump of Ice. One small piece of Lemon Peel. Fill up with cold Cider, stir with spoon,and serve. CIDER FRUIT CUP Almost fill a large glass jug with Cider and add Angostura in the proportion of I teaspoonful to i pint of Cider. Then add sliced fruit—apple, orange or lemon, banana and grapes and 2 or 3 pieces of ice. Serve in goblets. CIDER COCKTAIL Use thin tiunbler.

Into a large tumbler or punch glass place a piece ofice. I tablespoonfvU Syrup. I teaspoonful Angostura Bitters. I wineglass of Milk. Fill the glass with Soda Water and serve after a thorough stirring. EGG LEMONADE I Egg(whisked separately). Juice of I Lemon. Syrup or Sugar to wste. 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Fillup with Soda Waterand serve.


Into a tmnbler put:

I tablespoonful Syrup. I tablespoonful Lemon Juice. 3 or 4 dashes Angostura Bitters. 3or 4small pieces of Ice. Almost fill with water and,mix thoroughly. Ornament with sliced green grapes and sliced bananas, apples or oranges. Serve with straws.

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