1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Soups,etc* (^contd.^


Cut I lb. knuckle of veal into small pieces and put into 1 quart of cold water, add an onion and a bay leaf and simmer gently for about three hours,strain, and when cold remove the fat. Remove the black skin from i lb. of filleted plaice and simmer the fish in a quart of cold water until reduced to shreds and rub through a fine sieve. Simmer the hearts of i8 oysters in half a pint of the fish stock, add the liquor of the oysters, strain and put aside. Mix the veal and fish stock and bring to the boil. Melt 2oz.of butter,stir in li oz.offlour and cook for a minute or two,add to the hot stock and stir until boiling. Then add i pint milk, oyster liquor, anchovy essence and a dessertspoonful "Angostura"or more, to taste. Season, put the oysters into the boiling soup just before serving but do not cook—and stir in i pint of cream. As soon as the hare is received the entrails, liver, etc., should be removed; after doing this, wipe and pepper the inside well, and hang up the hare. When required, skin and truss itfor roasting—halfroastit,basting continuously. Half an hour to an hour is necessary according to age. Then cut the hare into small pieces and place them in a stew jar with an onion stuck with cloves. Add pepper and salt and lemon juice and pour over sufficient stock to cover. Put a lid on the jar and allow the contents to simmer for aboutzjto 3 homs. Then take out the pieces, placing them in a hot dish, and to the gravy in the jar add a glass of port and a teaspoonful of"Angostura"or more, to taste, and more seasoning if required. When about to boil strain the gravy over the hare and serve as quickly as possible. Forcemeat balls may accompany the hare. Red currant jeUy is served separately. JUGGED HARE

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