1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Healthful Hints That"Angostura"is, in itself, a boon to health is proved by the hearty word of support given to it by the medical profession. Here is a letter, typical of m^y and many another, sent to us by a leading practitioner: "Permit me to express to you my appreciation of "the value and usefulness of your Bitters which "have been of inestimable service to me in thou- "sands of cases of illnesses during the 15 years "since I have been practising. I never go without " 'Angostura' and no home should be without it. "It often is a panacea." When the virtues of"Angostura"in the eradi cation of physical discomfort are known, when "Angostura's" beneficent eflfea on the general health is experienced—the following uses will be appreciated as fully as they deserve. "Angostura,"the tonic properties ofwhich add such flavour and zest to social drinks, can safely and beneficially be employed as a domestic cordial. Here are some of the uses discovered, and profited by, through the 100 years of"Angostura's"life. GENERAL TONIC.—Angostura Bitters are of great value as a tonic where the vitality is a little low and a toning up is necessary. Taken with a little fruit juice before meals"Angostnra"has a marked action on the appetite and digestion. COLDS.—When wet or cold a chill can often be warded off if a tablespoonful of"Angostura"is taken in half a cup of warm water, sweetened to taste. Dissolve the sugar in the warm water before adding the"Angostura." INFLUENZA.—Taken in the same way as for colds,"Angostura" is decidedly beneficial in lessening the lowering efiect of this malady. PAIN.—A valuable use of"Angostura," known to ladies is the alleviation of internal pain which may occur at certain times. A teaspoonful to a tablespoonful of"Angostura"m warm sweetened water is very comforting. In obstinate cases great relief can be obtained by repeating the dose once or twice at half hourly intervals.

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