1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Healthful Hints (contd.)

ERRORS IN DIET: A tablespoonful of Angos tura Bitters with a little sweetened water will do much to relieve ill effects following the partaking ofunusual,heavy or rich foods. FLATULENCE: To counteract this and allied troubles, try i to 2 tablespoonfiils of Angostura Bitters in half a cup of previously sweetened warm water. Acute abdominal pains arising from similar causes can often be removed by this simple, handy remedy. COLIC: Used in addition to the treatment necessary and prescribed by the medical adviser, an equal quantity of"Angostura"and sweetened hot water will afford speedy relief and will stimu late the return of energy. DYSENTERY: Those who have resided or are about to reside in tropical countries will be all the better armed by a knowledge of"Angostura's" helpful effect. "It may be of interest if I tell you that some "years ago in India I was cured by your Bitters "of a severe attack of what I knew afterwards "to have been dysentery, and I was fortimate in "having the bottle in my sideboard, as it was past "midnight. I was alone in my brmgalow and "medical help was miles away. I took one dessert- "spoonful and I had no further trouble." MALARIA,in the first stages,can often be success fully combated by taking a liberal draught of *' Angostura"and hot water. During all stages "Angostura," combined with sugar, forms an excellent"mask"for the flavour of quinine. SEA-SICKNESS: While there is no specific for this afldiction, a little "Angostura" and sweetened tepid water or fruit juice, taken before meals on board, will frequently prove an effective preventive—and almost invariably"Angostura" taken in this way will definitely reduce the ill after-effects if sea-sickness should be contracted. The following letter is illuminating:


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