1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke


Big Brothers in Bottles

Magnum contains 2 bottles (2 "reputed" quarts) Jeroboam or Double Magnum,contains 4 bottles .. .70 gallons Rehoboam contains 6 bottles 1.05 gallons Methuselah contains 8 bottles 1.40 gallons Salmanazar contains 12 bottles 2.10 gallons Balthazar contains 16 bottles 2.80 gallons Nebuchadnezzar contains 20 bottles .. 3.50 gallons Tappit-hen contains 3 Imperial quarts or 4)4 "reputed" quarts Demijohn is a glass container holding anything from 3 to 10 gallons Interesting Oddments A noggin is the same as a gill (5 fluid ozs.) A jigger is an American measure and holds i^ozs A litre is 1.76 or roughly 1% pints A pottle is an English wine measure for 14 gallon A tun is a British wine cask, containing 210 Imperial gallons A hogshead is a cask, containing 50 Imperial gallons A butt is a British wine or beer cask containing 108 Imperial gallons A pipe is the British standard cask for Port, contain ing 115 Imperial Gallons A firkin is a beer barrel holding g gallons A nip is a quarter bottle. A fuder is a cask for storing hocks and moselles, containing 250 gallons


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