1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

mysterious secret or some long ago Chinese—but fret not, dear reader, I give you two possible stories or origin. The first comes from Mexico—quite a long while ago, during the time when the country had a king, and a very wise one at that, wise in the affairs ofstate, wise also in the knowledge of wine and men. Life had been a little tricky oflate, and one lunchtime amidst a fanfare of bugles and headed by an American General, a military mission rode up to the palace. Things were very awkward and it was touch and go whether cannons and other weapons of war would open up to blast all and sundry. Fortunately the wise old king had foreseen the difficulties and decided on a second front, bringing out his most secret weapon which was a particular blend of local brew, and truly a very potent mixture. But that was not all! Remember,the king also knew all about men—specially visiting American Generals,so with the touch of genius he had his beautiful daughter Xoctel to serve the drinks. Needless to say from there on discussions progressed much more smoothly, and the general departed to leave the king, daughter and subjects to live happily ever after. The story has a sequel because shortly after, when the general returned to his native land, his mind was still


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