1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

offur from our tongue. A bottle ofsparkling soda or Polly with a half teaspoonful of Angostura will send the im prisoned gasses roaring up from "down under" and then such soothing intakes as milk, white of egg, peppermint or Fernet Branca will lull our tortured stomach once again into a feeling of goodfellowship and will soon forget our unforgivable treatment of the night before by co-operating towards a speedy recovery and shortly demanding a nice thick juicy steak. Having suffered, and therefore made much needed research into the field of "hangover remedies" I have named my own special one the "Mashie". Every golfer will appreciate that it is very necessary for getting one out of the 'rough'. I hereby dedicate it to all those entering into the "hangover class". "The Morning Mashie". Pour into a Boston cocktail shaker the following ingredients: I measure ofgin measure of Anisette

I sherry glass oflemon squash and juice of halffresh lemon I good teaspoonful ofPernod I dash of Angostura bitters y^ white ofan egg. Shake well and strain into a goblet glass.

Thus we have soothed our suffering body members and the added tot ofgin is the ignition key to the heart. It will give it the necessary kick to start it ticking again. Before passing on to other types ofremedies, here are a few other prescriptions (as yet not an entitlement under the


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