1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book Coronation Edition

GLOSSARY LIQUEUR VERTE. —A French liqueur, somewhat similar to Green Chartreuse. LIME JUICE.— Sometimes known as " Lime." The sterilized juice of the lime. There are two kinds— ordinary unsweetened Limejuice and the sweetened variety known as limejuice Cordial. MARKIZA. —A syrup with peach flavouring. MANDARIN. —A French aperitif with a bitter orange flavour, dark brown in colour. MANDARINE DE BLIDAH.— See Creme de Mandarin. MANDARINE. —A French liqueur flavoured with tan- garine. MARASCHINO.— The liqueur of Zara, in Dalmatia, Italy. It is white and has a very distinctive flavour of the cherry. MAZARIN. —A liqueur manufactured in France, light brown in colour with a flavour similar to Benedictine. MESCAL —Similar to Tequila. MIRABELLE. —A liqueur manufactured in France, white in colour with the flavour of plums. MONASTINE ABBAYE ST. GRATIEN.— A pale yellow French liqueur, slightly similar to Yellow Char- treuse. MOUSSEC. —English sparkling wine. MOUT. —French for " Must," or unfermented grape juice. MUST. —Grape juice before it has fermented and become wine. True wine is made from the must of freshly pressed grapes, but methods have been devised for sterilizing, evaporating or treating must in such a way that its fermentation is prevented and the must can be imported as grape juice, which escapes heavy duties placed on wine; such must is used for producing British wines after fermentation has been produced by adding yeast to it.

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