1938 Mixed Drinks by Hotel Martinique Broadway


TURF COCKTAIL 2 Dashes Abbott's Bitters I Dash Pernod 1/3 French Vermouth % Gin Shake. Strain into cocktail glass.

VERMOUTH COCKTAIL I Jigger Italian Vermouth I Dash Amer Picon I Dash Curacao

Stir and serve with a cherry.

WHITE LADY COCKTAIL I White of Egg Juice of '/2 Lemon 1 Teaspoon of Sugar 1/2 Jigger Gin I Dash Cointreau YANKEE PRINCE COCKTAIL I Barspoon Orange Juice 'A Jigger Grande Marnier % Jigger Dry Gin I Filbert Nut Frappe

Shake well, serve in claret glass.


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