1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


a fan-like branching of roots-the latter cut some 3" long-and look– ing like small gnarled fingers. This branched end is sunk into the pitcher with ice and drink ingredients, the stem is held vertically be– tween palms, and rotated smartly by sliding the palms back and forth. They are procurable in all British West Indian possessions, for ob– vious reasons, and are a romantic touch; actually however a swizzle made out of this routine is no better than one chilled with a modern chromium plated metal swizzle stick. Like airplane propellers made of wood, and metal, the main question is do they stir up the air? THE WORLD FAMOUS QUARANTINE COCKTAIL, No. I FAVOURITE in MANILA, where IT even OUTSTRIPS the PERENNIAL DRY MARTINI This drink is quite rich, and one is enough before a dinner. The anis del mono-or "anis of the monkey head"-is the highly alcoholic type Spaniards use as a pre-breakfast eye opener all over the globe. If French anisette liqueur is used we had better in~rease the quantity to Yz tsp or so. . . . Take 1 jigger of Bacardi, I tsp each of gin and dry French vermouth, Yz jigger of orange juice, 2 tsp lemon juice, sugar to taste, and 1 tbsp of egg white. Add I or 2 drops of anis, shake with lots of cracked ice and turn into a Manhattan glass. Monk An– trim's receipt sent especially for this volume calls for I tbsp of com– bined gin and vermouth, and orange and lemon juice in equal amounts, about I tsp each. Egg white is more than the standard blend, being Yz a whole white. THE QUEEN CHARLOTTE COCKTAIL; NAMED, so TELL THEY the TALE, for QUEEN CHARLOTIE AMALIA-or AMALIE-now also the NAME for St. GEORGES in the AMERICAN VIRGIN lsLANDS This is a lovely warm weather affair of a mildness which even a Quaker miss could not shy at! It was donated by the charming wife of a Pan-American Airways pilot on the big Brazilian Clipper for them as likes their likker weak. Fill a tom collins glass half way up with finely cracked ice, turn in ' II5 •

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