1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


presumably!-turn into a big chilled saucer champagne glass, twist– ing a curl of green lime or lemon peel over the top.

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, RIDING CLUB COCKTAIL This is a fine whet to the negligent stomach, besides being an ex– cellent cocktail seldom served in the north these Martini days. We are acquainted with a genuine Kentucky Colonel who serves this as his I concession to the cocktail era besides a Bourbon Old Fashioned. . . . Take of calisaya, I jigger, add a dash of Angostura and the same of acid phosphate. Stir with ice like a Martini and strain into a Man– hattan glass. No garnish, please. THE YOKOHAMA ROMANCE COCKTAIL, BEING a YELLOW PERIL CoNcocTED by ONE ToYAMA, No. I BAR-BOY at a YoKo NIGHT SPOT CALLED "ROMANCE" CABARET We don't include this merely in an effort to be "foreign" for truth was that the "Romance" Cabaret was a.sorry place of blaring music and taxi-dancing small Japanese men with lovely fluid doll-like Japa– nese girls with bobbed hair and bangs. But upon being urged by Toyama to sample his masterpiece and we declined with thanks, he frosted one for us on the house, with his compliments. It is, to put it commonly, an accidental "natural" and in it went. That evening was painfully punctuated later when, after having chartered a fleet of bicycles from some coolies, we attempted to navigate cross lots toward the main godowns and docks where our ship was tied up, we ran blindly into a mass of earthquake rubble still unremoved after the disaster of 1923-fetching up all standing in an inverted position and semi-conscious, and from which we were finally extricated by the combined and random efforts of a gentleman from North Carolina who made cigarettes and a gentleman from Kalamazoo who made stoves and shipped them, for increment, direct to you. The cycle was reported a total loss. The cocktail: 2 jiggers of old cognac, I jigger of cherry brandy, ~ to Yz tsp of Rose's lime juice or lime syrup-the kind we see in soda . n7.

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