1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


night spots have per square acre. Years before the man on the street over here had ever heard of a Daiquiri, sane British colonials out in Shanghai's International Settlement knew and valued Bacardi rum for what it was-a rum brandy, mellowed and redistilled and aged• . . . Now at II A.M. those who can spare the time foregather for Shanghai Bucks or whisky pegs-a habit very disastrous to productive activity during the remainder of any business day, we learned. . . . Take a big 16 oz collins glass, put in 3 cubes of ice, l tsp or 2 of sugar, pour in 2 jiggers of Bacardi-White Seal or Gold Seal-and fill up with good ginger ale. The improved Shanghai Buck adds the juice of l green lime or Yi lemon, and uses grenadine instead of sugar, to get the handsome colour. Personally we prefer stone bottle ginger beer to ginger ale. It is a Jamaica Buck, or Barbados Buck, only using Ba– cardi instead of dark rum, or blended rums... WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. XVIII, on the UNDENIABLE EXCELLENCE of a FINE DRY SHERRY, or SHERRY & BIT– TERS, instead of the PERPETUAL BARRAGE o~ COCKTAILS Here's 1 case where old Colonel E. Sifton Ponsonby-Fittich is per– fectly right-for the English appreciated sherry long before our war of independence, recognizing it as one of the truly civilized drinks en– joyed by mankind. But a word of caution: don't get a jug of local, sweet, last-month's sherry and expect any cultured results. Sherry should be properly aged, of the dry or drier type. Bitters are optional. ... We now offer a kernel of heresy which probably will cause many English to wish us harm: chill the sherry decanter if sherry and bitters are used. The sherry taste is just as fine, the whole thing more crisp and pungent. We even do it with sherry alone when using the drink for a pre-dinner appetizer, in warmer weather.... We feel, strictly, that sherry and bitters changes old sherry tradition. THE WEST INDIAN SHRUB, from the BERMUDA FILES of ONE WILKINSON, EsQUIRE, UNFORTUNATELY DECEASED, but WHo OWNED CRYSTAL CAVE, & THINGS DoWN THERE in BERMUDA, & WHo WAs VERY CouRTEOUS & KIND to Us on OuR FrnsT TRIP to that ENCHANTED SMALL ISLAND This mild and cooling summer beverage may be made in the more

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