1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Cointreau, Benedictine, Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Cordial Medoc, Drambuie, Certosa, or any of the myriad French coloured liqueurs coined for devious Gallic purposes, but each notable for this or that fragrance or flavour. . . . Such drinks are lovely to look at, dry enough through the lime juice, and each one radically different from its neighbour! THE MARTINIQUE CRUSTA., which WE FouND WAITING for Us in FoRT de FRANCE on the OccASION of OuR FmsT TRIP through the WEsT INDIES, in 1929 This effective and eventful drink uses no man-made cup, but the reversed skin of a small orange or lemon, first moistened inside and on the lip with lemon juice or rum, then dipped in lots of fine white sugar, until encrusted evenly on inner yellow side of the whole re– versed skin.... Now stand this in any stemmed glass that will fit it. The other method is to peel off a small orange, or lemon, in a single unbroken spiral. Take a small goblet, moisten inside with lemon juice or rum, then line with the spiral peel, and the whole dipped in fine sugar, leaving what clings, clinging. Now chill either type of container for a good hour in the refrigera– tor, and into it strain the following, after shaking well with cracked ice. Lime, juice, I average size Gomme syrup, 1 tsp, to taste Garnish with a stick of fresh pineapple, a slice of orange, or any– thing that suits. , MI AMANTE, which MEANS "MY BELOVED" and WAS GIVEN to Us ' by Two YOUNG GENTLEMEN from the ARGENTINE, from B. A., & WHo OWN Pow PONIES, RANCHES & THINGS Our young Argentine knows how to live life we can assure you, and does. He is smart, modern, fiill of fun, often as not a superior athlete. He knows American cocktails, and originates quite a few on St. Croix or other Martinique rum, Maraschino, 1 tsp, scant Angostura, 3 dashes I Yi jiggers

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