1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


its ancient Capital. Being there for a third time was romantic enough surely, but being there for the great festival was something else still– especially with a fiancee by our side. . . . Well, we were all of these, and our bland friend Mr. S. Suda, bar baron at the Miyako Hotel, concocted this after considerable thought, and added his blessing on our whole picture. . . . The results were benignly immediate. Dry gin, 1 jigger Cointreau, I jigger Fresh pineapple juice, I pony Lemon or lime, juice, Yz pony Shake with finely cracked ice, and pour into a tall four ounce cock– tail glass with stem. It is fairly sweet, so step up lemon a trifle and cut down pineapple, if preferred. SLOPPY JOE'S MO/ITO, which Is a BACARDI CoLLINs, PLus Cubans and snobbish Americanos can sneer all they please at Sloppy Joe's, the fact still remains that there are as good, and better, and more varied cocktails suitable to our somewhat exacting taste than any other spot in Cuba. Granted that the Vedado Club, the Coun– try Club, the N acional, La Florida-all have their known specialties, still Sloppy Joe's assortment is not with them. This is a greatly improved rum collins, and is best made with Carta de Oro Bacardi, or any good medium light Santa Cruz, Haiti, or Barbados rum. If Jamaica is used, don't use it straight, mix with white rum, one part to four of latter. Put several lumps of ice into a 16 oz collins glass, toss in r tsp sugar or gomme, insinuate a spiral green lime peel about the ice, turn in 1Yz jiggers of Bacardi; white, or Gold Seal, and the strained juice of r small green lime-not a lemon. Stir once, fill with really good club soda and garnish with a bunch of fresh ~int .... If for a lady, use grenadine instead of sugar. WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. XII, on the PRETTY SENSE of USING VARIOUS COLOURED FRUIT SYRUPS for SWEET– ENING ALL SORTS of COLLINS DRINKS Mix the usual Tom or John Collins, only instead of using sugar use . 76.

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