1946 The Stock Club Bar Book by Lucius Beebe

Lucius Beebe and Sherman Billingsley in an editorial trance over an assortment of vitamins in the Cub Room of the Stork– that sanctum sanctorum where most of the contents of this book were conceived, concocted and consumed.

Lucius Beebe, originator of the phrase "saloon society", was first introduced to the Stork Club back in 1930 in the brave old East 58th Street days by Heywood Broun. Since that time he has several times left the premises to go to the barber or col· lect his laundry, but these occasions have been infrequent. In Social Circle, Georgia, and Poca– tello, Idaho, where NewYork glamour is an almost tangible commodity, it is an im· mutable item of the American credo that Lucius Beebe sleeps in an opera hat and brushes his teeth every morning in a light Moselle. For the record he is a member of the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, a Burgundian order of knighthood dating back to the 12th Century and into the wine– worshipping mysteries of which only a hand£ul of Americans have ever bee n inducted. Of him Stanley Walker has written: "Mr. Beebe will drink a double bottle of champagne without batting an eye when– ever the mood comes over him, and, from my personal conviction, the mood comes over him agreeably and

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