1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

Wine as you dine

What to Drink and When

As an Aperitif :

or Medium Cocktail—Sherry- -


V ermouth—A


Caviare or Hors D'œuvres :


Oysters :

White Wine, Chablis or Graves, Champagne, Moselle or Stout.


D ry

Soup : Pish :

Medium Sherry or Madeira.

Dry Champagne, Graves, Chablis, Hock or Moselle. Burgundy, Chianti (all room temperature) or Vintage Champagne iced. Heavy Red Burgundy or Claret (room temperature). Sauternes o r Vintage Champagne ( i c e d ) . Burgundy, Port, Rich Brown Sherry, Marsala! Vintage Port, Sweet Madeira, Rich Brown Sherry, Muscatel. Li ht

Entree Roast or Bi rd :


Game :

Sweets :

Cheese :

Dessert :

Coffee : Vintage Brandy or Liqueurs. (Champagne or Sparkling W ines can be served with any course.)


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