1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

Pointsabout PIMMS P IMM ' S No. 1 CUP first made its appearance in 1859 and is well known throughout the world. It is a Gin Sling having London Gin as a base but the rest of the recipe has been a closely guarded secret for nearly ninety years. It is sold in more or less concentrated form, the ordinary bottle holding sufficient to make seven pints of the Cup . It is important that only aerated mineral water be used in the mixing. The proprietors recommend lemonade, with a dash of soda water if the drink is found to be too sweet. A slice of lemon and a piece of cucumber rind with plenty of ice are the only necessary additions. Many people use a slice of orange when lemons are unobtainable. If a sprig of the borage herb is available it is a delightful addition in place of cucumber rind. It is understood that the proprietors issue measures showing the quantity of the compound to be used in order to make a half-pint of the Cup. The drink must be well iced.



(Estimate for 6 guests) Serve in a large glass jug. Place in four pieces of ice and add : 1 Liqueur glass Calvados 1 Liqueur glass Curaçao 1 Liqueur glass Maraschino 1 measure Brandy 1 quart Cider Decorate with slices of orange or fruit in season. Stir gently. "HOT JAMAICA PUNCH" Pour into a long tumbler : 1 measure Jamaica Rum Juice of | Lemon 1/2 tablespoonful Sugar Dash of Angostura Bitters Ad d 3 cloves and a slice of lemon. Fill glass with boiling water.

(Estimate for 6 guests) Serve in an attractive punch bowl with ladle. Place in :

4 pieces of ice 1 glass Brandy 2 Liqueur glasses Orange


1 Liqueur glass Maraschino 1 Liqueur glass Ap r i co t Brandy 1 Liqueur glass Grand Marnier 1 quart bottle Champagne Decorate with slices of orange and pineapple,.or any fruit in season. Stir gently. (All other Wi n e Cups may be made the same way, by substi­ tuting the desired wine for Champagne. Should the wine be too dry, add a tablespoonful of sugar to content of bowl.)


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