1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

The BonVivant's Companion

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Franklin^s Recipe for Orange Shrub In the voluminous papers of Benjamin Franldin now in the archives of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, of which he was the fotmder and first president, has been found his own recipe for orange shrub: To agallon ofrum two quarts of orange juice and two pounds of sugar—dissolve the juice in the sugar before you mix with the rum—put all together in a cask and shake well—let it stand three or four weeks and it will be very fine and fit for bottling—when you have bottled the fine, pass the thick through a filtering paper out into a funnel—that not a dropmay be lost. To obtain the flavour ofthe orange peel pare a few oranges and put it in rumfor twelve hours—and put that rumin cask with the others. After standing a day, strain it, adding to each pint a pound of sugar, and skim it clear, while boiling about half an hour. Put a wineglass of brandy to each pint of the shrub when cool. Two spoonfuls of this, mixed with a tumbler of water, is an excellent drink in warm weather, and in fever. White Currant Shrub Strip the fruit, and prepare in a jar, as for jelly; strain the juice, ofwhich put two quarts to one gallon of rum, and two pounds of lump sugar; strain through a jelly bag. Raspberry Shrub 3 quarts of ripe raspberries I quart of vinegar

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