1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

6. Cocktails should be drunk as soon as possible after serving and whilst they have that fresh glowing sparkle, otherwise the blending of the ingredients will deteriorate. 7. Make the drink as attractive as possible, because in variably when you please the eye you please the palate. 8. Always use granulated sugar for sweetening. On no account use icing sugar. Better still, use Gomme syrup if available. 9. If the recipe calls for stirring, then stir! Otherwise the drink will become cloudy if the shaker is used, instead of crystal clear. 10. Finally, never giv^ to anyone else something you wouldn't drink yourself

Even the mildest of Coc tai^ Parties could become a little hilarious without the aid of Wotting paper," and it is with that thought in mind that I submit herewith a few interesting and easy to make snacks for such occasions. Serve the following on thin toast, cut daintily and masked with Aspic: Smoked Salmon, Anchovies, Sardines, Prawns, Ham and Tongue. Also on thin toast, minus the Aspic: Caviar and Pole Gras. Scatter around the tables on small dishes the always popular Cheese Straws, Salted Almonds and Cashew Nuts, Olives, Potato Crisps, and Celery stuffed with Cream Cheese Served hot: Chippolata Sausages, small Sausage Rolls.


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