1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Fizzes A fairly long drink and effervescent. Containing spirits, fruit juices, sweetening and a mineral water. Some contain egg. Flips Concentrated Egg Nogg, without the milk. Frappe An after dinner drink of liqueur, served in a cocktail glass over crushed ice. Highball A long drink, served in a tumbler or goblet glass, containing spirit, cracked ice and a mineral water. Julep A long, cold drink, featuring fresh garden mint, bourbon or rye whisky, crushed ice, and served in a frosted glass. Punch One of England's very own and oldest drinks, can be traced back for several hundred years. Can be simple, mixed in a glass, or more elaborately at the table in a large punchbowl, and served in individual glasses. Could be a hot or an iced drink, containing either wine, spirits, beers, cider, fruit juices, tea or coffee, sugar and spices, or any thing else there is at hand. A most wonderful drink for a party. Rickey A drink made in a tumbler, containing spirit, juice and rind of half a lime, and soda water. Sangaree Similar drink to a Cobbler. Shrubs Special recipes made for bottling, containing spirits, fruit juices and sweetening. Setup All the makings for a specified drink except the spirits. Sling A long drink of the Collins type. Can contain mineral water or fresh water. Some varieties include liqueurs. Smashes A smaller version of a mint julep. Sours A medium size drink, containing spirit, lemon or lime juice, sweetening, sometimes bitters and white of egg. Should be well shaken with ice. ... Swizzle So named because the drink, which contains spirits, bitters and sweetening, is put into a container with penty of shaved ice and agitated vigorously with a swizzle stick between the palms of the hands until the container trosts. (The swizzle stick is a natural product of the West Indies. It consists of the dried stem of a plant, with radiating forked branch ends.) Toddy A warming drink, generally made with hot water, spirits, lemon, sugar and spices. Zooms Another of the hot drinks, containing spirits, honey, cream and boiling water.


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