1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie


Jan Mensonides Hotel Gooiland, Holland (1950 World Competition)

Apricot Brandy Whisky Gin Dash of Lemon Juice


Finally, a piece of reverse tourism. Those who have holidayed on the Continent often ask me for the old favourite Americano." Others may receive the same request and for those not familiar with the drink here is the recipe: — Place in a glass (Goblet) a fairly large piece of ice and pour in the following: 1 Sherry glass Sweet Vermouth "2 Sherry glass Campari Bitters Decorate with a slice of orange and a twist of lemon peel. Add a dash of syphon soda (if required). vSimilarly the " Vermouth Cassis " has once again become a very popular drink and it is made in the same way as the " Americano " except for the ingredients: 1 Sherry glass of Dry Vermouth \ Sherry glass of Crime de Cassis Decorate with a slice of orange, add dash of soda water.


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